What Are the Expectations from Generic RU486 Abortion?

Generic RU486 is the primary pill for medical abortion. It is an anti-progesterone agent that sheds uterine
endometrial lining and stalls the pregnancy from progressing. It works against the pregnancy-continuing
hormone progesterone. You can get it individually in the strength of 200mg or avail it together with prostaglandin
E1 analog pills, which you need to take for successful pregnancy termination.

In the below post, we will discuss what you must do and expect before, during, and after taking Generic RU486.

Expectations Before Taking Generic RU486

Here is what to expect and know before you buy Generic RU486 online for pregnancy termination:

· If you have heart, kidney, or liver disease, speak to your healthcare provider if the pills are safe for use or not.

· This medicine is not for those with ectopic or extra-uterine pregnancy. It is not an option for females with
an undiagnosed adnexal mass.

· In case you are on an intrauterine device (IUD) for contraception, then get it removed before consuming abortion pills.

· Generic RU486 is not for women with acute renal insufficiency, hemorrhagic disorder, use of corticosteroid therapy
in long-term

·  The pill is not for women with severe asthma, inherited porphyria, allergy to the pill contents, and pregnancy over 63 days of gestation.

Expectations During Generic RU486 Abortion

Know what you may face during the termination process before you order Generic RU486 online for use:

· As the uterine lining sheds, the fetus separates from the endometrium. Contractions in the uterus further help in expelling the pregnancy parts from the vagina.

·  You will encounter cramps and pain in the lower abdomen. Cramps are more frequent in the initial stage of pregnancy termination.

·  Some of the other possible effects are dizziness, nausea, weakness, vomiting tendency, backache, body pain, etc.

·  The bleeding from the vagina is either moderate or heavy.

·  The pregnancy portions will completely exit within a few hours to days after taking the prostaglandin E1 analog pills.

NOTE: If you are in the stage of 49 to 56 days of gestation, you may need an additional dose of 400mcg prostaglandin pills. But do this only if the pregnancy does not start to terminate within 4 hours of secondary pill administration.

·  To cope with side effects such as nausea and vomiting, you can take prescribed medicines from your physician. The same goes with painkillers if you need any.

·  Also, a hot water bag can give relief for cramps and lower abdomen pain.

Expectations After Abortion with Generic RU486

Here is what happens after you buy Generic RU486 online and consume it:

·  After 7 to 15 days of using Generic RU486, it is time to know if the pills worked or not. You have to go for a follow-up with a healthcare provider.

·  The physician will ask you to undertake a few clinical examinations, preferably an ultrasonographic scan to note if the uterus is empty of fetal remains or not.

· In case the uterus still contains pregnancy parts, you will have to undergo invasive treatment.

· If the abortion pills have been successful, you can go home and take a rest, stick to healthy meals, and avoid physically demanding tasks for a few more days.

· Until the bleeding stops, you are advised to not use insertable birth control. If you wish to not get pregnant any soon, use prescribed contraception within 3 to 9 days of pregnancy termination.

So, if you wish to order Generic RU486 online, you must also know what to expect before, during, and after intake of the pill.

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