What Is Better? A Medical Abortion Or Surgical Abortion

What Is Better? A Medical Abortion Or Surgical Abortion

Abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy. It involves the willingness of a person who has decided to not continue with the pregnancy. It can be done in two methods,

  1. Medical abortion– This is a termination of pregnancy with the help of medication.
  2. Surgical abortion– In this method pregnancy is ended by use of a surgical procedure.

The choice of method depends on your medical history as well as your personal preferences. In this blog, we will discuss how these methods are performed and the advantages and disadvantages associated with them so you can make an informed decision.

How is the procedure performed?

Medical Abortion:

Medical abortion can be performed on your own. When you decide to go for an abortion you can Buy MTP Kit Online it has all the pills you need. On the first day, you swallow a mifepristone 200mg tablet with a glass of water. This is anti-progesterone, It stops the pregnancy from growing. After 24-48 hours of taking the first tablet, you will take four 200mcg misoprostol tablets. These tablets can be taken in buccal and vaginal routes. This medication causes contraction in the vagina so the remains of pregnancy will be flushed out of your body.

Surgical Abortion:

For this, you don’t have to Buy Abortion Pill Online. This surgical method is performed at the hospital. In this method, a doctor places a speculum in your vagina. Anesthesia is used to numb the cervix and then the doctor widens and a tube is placed in the vagina. A suction is created with help of an electric or handheld syringe. The suction is applied to empty the uterus.

Both medical and surgical abortion are safe processes. There are few factors associated with it as discussed below, that will help you decide which one you should choose. 


Medical abortion surely involves greater privacy. You don’t have to involve another person in it. This is also less invasive and you will be in control with nothing except medication entering your body.

Use of anesthetic:

Surgical abortion involves the use of anesthesia as it requires numbing the cervix. In a medical abortion, you don’t need to take any anesthesia at all. It is carried out with help of medication only.

Time in pregnancy:

Medical abortion can be done as soon as you get to know about pregnancy. In surgical abortion, you are generally advised to wait for at least up to four to six weeks so there won’t be any possibility of incomplete abortion.

Surgical risk:

Medical abortion is completely devoid of any surgical risk. There is a slight risk in surgical abortion and you are given antibiotics in advance to avoid the same.

Amount of bleeding:

Both surgical and medical abortions cause bleeding for about two weeks of time. This bleeding reduces as days pass and feels like having a long period.


Medical abortion may feel more comfortable to some people as it can be performed at your home and you can have friends or family of your choice around you as you go through it.

The pain involved:

The cramping in medical procedures causes a little pain but can be handled with the help of over-the-counter painkillers. In the surgical method, anesthesia is used so the possibility of pain is lower.


Though medications are involved, the medical process of abortion feels more natural. It is more like a miscarriage or a heavy period. The surgical method of abortion with the involvement of anesthetic and other surgical instruments feels very far from the natural occurrence.


When you like to feel like being in control then the medical procedure is right for you. You get to choose the place time and the people who will be around you. There is no need to make an appointment to a clinic and then adjust your schedule according to it. You can simply check your schedule and choose a day according to your convenience.

Side effects:

Medical abortion as well as surgical abortion both do not cause any permanent damage to your body or long-term side effects. There can be minor short-term side effects like nausea and fever in some cases of medical abortion.


You should carefully read the above information about both methods and decide if you want to want to buy abortion pills online and perform a medical abortion on your own or make an appointment in the clinic for surgical abortion.