Effective Medical Abortion vs. Unsafe Home Abortion Remedies


If a woman becomes pregnant unintentionally and is unable to get an abortion, she may turn to at-home remedies
for abortion procedures. These natural methods to end a pregnancy strive to cause a miscarriage by using foods and
herbs. But it is important to keep in mind that these treatments are not secure or efficient. Although they offer a natural
option, you should do deep research and consult a doctor before using these treatments.

Read ahead for more information on how to terminate a pregnancy safely with medical abortion than unsafe
natural methods.

What is Safe Abortion at Home – Pills or Natural Remedies?

Abortion home cures come in a variety. It consists of supplements, medicines, and herbal remedies. According to
some stories, taking excessive aspirin, parsley water with lemon, sesame seeds, or pineapple juice can work as an
at-home abortion technique. But there is insufficient data regarding this information and the efficacy of the said
methods. So, if you want to seriously terminate a pregnancy, you should do it in less than 9 weeks of gestation and
with approved pills.

For instance, complications from abortion through herbs or foods are higher. Because there is no surety that a diet
will work to expel the pregnancy, several women try different substances and end up getting sick. This is more dangerous
to health and pregnancy and can create additional problems beyond the issue of unintended pregnancy.

Thus, it is best to not take the risk and rather buy abortion pill kit online, which are successful up to 95%. Here is how the medications in the packet work:

·        Mifepristone is an anti-progesterone medicine, while Misoprostol is a prostaglandin E1 analog in a woman’s abortion process.

·        Both can induce abortion at home by detaching the fetus from the uterus wall and shedding the endometrial lining. They remove the pregnancy portions from the womb and let it out of the vagina through uterus contractions.

·        There is heavy bleeding to help with the disbursal of the products of conception. This is one of the safe abortion procedures, which can take a day or three depending on the gestational weeks and health of the individual.

·        After the womb empties, it is advisable to follow up for an ultrasound scan of the abdomen 2 weeks later to confirm the results.

Some of the Traditional Abortion Remedies Before Medical Termination

A woman’s health may be at risk if she self-induces an early abortion without authentic pills such as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. It is also not permissible to employ these natural ways of ending a pregnancy. Some of the traditional means (food and herbs) for termination are mentioned below. But consider these as for information only, and do not try these as their effectiveness and rate of success are inconclusive.

·        Sesame Seeds

Sesame seed excess can be hazardous during the first trimester. The medical abortion complications are rare but we cannot say the same for sesame seeds. It has lignan-containing substances that have somewhat estrogenic effects on the body. The hormonal balance of pregnant women goes haywire because of high lignans, resulting in pregnancy problems.

·        Pennyroyal Tea

Pennyroyal plant chemicals can cause the uterine lining to shrink. Early menstruation is possible by pennyroyal tea. However, it is not certified among the safe abortion procedures for women.

·        Parsley

Utilizing parsley seed or leaf oil can terminate pregnancy at home sometimes. It has significant amounts of myristicin and parsley apiole. They cause natural abortion because of uterine contractions and are hazardous in high dosages.

·        Fenugreek Seeds

One of the common spices used in India to improve aroma and flavor is this one. It contains saponin, a substance that functions similarly to the hormone oxytocin. However, it can have abortion side effects harmful to health.

·        Eucalyptus

Ketones is in high concentration in eucalyptus essential oil. And this element is associated with early pregnancy termination. But it has the risk of abortion andthreatening symptoms.

·        Aloe Vera

The effects of aloe vera during pregnancy on abortion safety are not certain. Consuming aloe vera may potentially result in miscarriage, but the sources that claim the same are not verified.

·        Cheese

A mould, or fungus, is used to make some types of cheese, including Danish blue, brie, chevre, gorgonzola, and camembert. Cheese is not as popular as abortion ways naturally. But Listeria is a pathogen that has been linked to the possibility of pregnancy termination.

·        Coleus

Consuming coleus is said to increase abortion risks and complications in women. During the first trimester of pregnancy, it prevents embryo implantation and gives rise to more vaginal bleeding.

·        Pineapple

Few people think about pineapples as home remedies to end pregnancy despite studies showing that it includes bromelain, a substance that softens uterine tissues.

·        Tansy

This herb contains thujone, a poisonous compound. It is also potentially dangerous, resulting in miscarriage with abortion health risks outweighing the benefit of pregnancy termination.

·        Unripe Papaya

In some nations, it is occasionally used as an at-home early abortion treatment. Due to the latex content, overconsumption of this fruit may result in uterine contractions.

·        Black Cohosh Root

To induce early labor in the first trimester, Black Cohost Root is a tea. The common name for this root is “herbal estrogen.” But no data is available for medical abortion safe through this herb.

·        Eggplant

In Ayurvedic medicine, eggplant is thought to have heat-producing characteristics. The phytohormones in brinjal can result in miscarriage. It is one of the at-home abortion options people in developing nations use. But the results are not assured.

·        Goldenseal

It may induce the uterus to contract and show as remedies for abortion, resulting in spontaneous emptying of the womb. Lower weight in moms and babies is however linked to a key component of goldenseal.

·        Caffeine

High caffeine consumption during pregnancy has been linked to an increased chance of medical abortion risks and other issues, like preterm labor and low birth weight. It is a stimulant that can pass through the placenta and impact the fetus during the developmental stage.

·        Mugwort

Herb has historically been used to trigger menstruation and may also lead to uterine contractions. There is not much scientific proof that Mugwort is one of the ways to terminate pregnancy at home for females. It is normally advised to refrain from using it to avoid any potential side effects, such as uncontrolled miscarriage.

Final Words

Check out our abortion blog for more information on how to take the pills, their effects, precautions, interactions, contraindications, tips, and more details for an in-depth idea of ending an unplanned pregnancy at home without the assistance of any other person. You can then know the quickest and safest termination method indoors than resorting to unproven natural ways to end pregnancies.

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