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MTP KIT (ABORTION PILL) - 200mg/0.2mg

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MTP KIT (Abortion Pill)

The Online MTP Kit is a trusted medication for safely terminating pregnancy with abortion pills. It can successfully remove pregnancy less than 8 weeks and does not cause any permanent side effects. All the short term minor side effects are easily readable with over the counter medication. It is also easy to understand and follow the instructions.

Women also prefer to Buy MTP Kit Online because it offers greater personal privacy and flexibility. Women can choose when and where they want to do the termination process. This also gives you an opportunity to be in the comfort of your home with people who care about your health and can be your support throughout the process.


An MTP Kit consists of five medicines which as follow:

  • One dose of Mifepristone (200 mg)
  • Four doses of Misoprostol (200 mcg)

Dosage Form:

  • Mifepristone medicine is taken orally.
  • Misoprostol medicines can be taken buccally/vaginally.


The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Kit - MTP Kit consists of 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol. The Kit is used for ending an unplanned pregnancy up to 63 days. The Online Kits are manufactured in agreement with renowned healthcare boards of the USA.


The Mifepristone performs antiprogesterone action to stop the development of pregnancy. The abortion pills facilitate the ejection of pregnancy tissues. The Misoprostol pills initiate ejecting pregnancy tissues from the body. It brings about hormonal actions with prostaglandin constituents.


The consumption MTP Kit is performed based on the gestation of pregnancy ( keeping the last menstrual period as the reference). A woman with up to 9 weeks of pregnancy gestation can Buy MTP Kit Online and administer the Kit to end her pregnancy. .

Dosage and Administration

MTP Kit is the most recommended home abortion Kit for ending an unwanted pregnancy. Most women deal with this problem because of the failure of contraceptives or having unprotected sex with their partner. Thus if the pregnancy period is within 8 weeks then women can go for medical abortion with MTP Kit.

The dosage of Mifepristone is generally 200 mg. Get prescription from your healthcare provider to know the exact power of the medicine. You can take this medicine orally with a glass of water.

The consumption of Mifepristone is followed by administering Misoprostol abortion pills. The dosage for the same is four pills of 800 mcg ( each tablet: 200 mcg). Speak to your doctor to know more about the dosage of Misoprostol pills. If you are taking medicines buccally, place them in the cheek pouches for half an hour. If you are consuming pills vaginally, insert them in the vagina.

If you do not bleed within 24 hours, consult your healthcare provider to take an additional dosage of Misoprostol.


The dosage of the MTP Kit can contradict in certain conditions. Users are requested to consult their healthcare provider in any of the following cases.

  • Hypersensitivity to the components of abortion pills
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Using IUD for pregnancy prevention.
  • Diagnosed with porphyria/adrenal failure/asthma problems

Warnings and Precautions

In the absence of specific studies, Mifepristone is not recommended in patients with:

  • Renal failure
  • Hepatic failure
  • Malnutrition

Also, the patient is requested to follow the precautions given below. Not following them can lead to complications in the pregnancy.

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol or nicotine products.
  • Do not breastfeed while during or immediately after Misoprostol consumption.
  • Do not eat foods with unnecessary fats.
  • Do not insert anything in the vagina.

How to Confirm Pregnancy and Check the Pregnancy Duration?

You can confirm the pregnancy in case you have the following signs.

  • If you miss your periods
  • If your breast pain
  • If you observe cramps
  • If your contraception fails
  • If you feel different

In most cases, you should wait to take the test till the week following your missed period for the correct report.

If you can't wait till you have missed your menstrual cycle you should stop for 1 to 2 weeks after you had sexual intercourse. In case if you are pregnant, your body requires time to develop the detectable amount of HCG. This takes 7-12 days after the implantation of an egg.

You may get inaccurate results if you take the test too early.

How Can You Detect the Pregnancy Weeks?

In LMP (also known as Last menstrual period) pregnancy normally continues for 40 weeks from the 1st day of your last menstrual cycle. Therefore the number of weeks that have progressed since recommending what week of pregnancy you are in. To get your exact due date you can count 280 days (i.e 40 weeks) from the 1st day of your last menstrual cycle.

Many websites also have online pregnancy calculators which can help you to calculate your duration of pregnancy.

What is the other Complication You May Face During an Abortion?

Medication abortion is a very safe and proven method. There is a very low probability of complications occurring.

If there is no bleeding after passage of 24 hours from taking Misoprostol dose you should contact a medical practitioner immediately.

If symptoms of pregnancy are still observed while it's already been a week since the abortion, you should seek medical help.

In the case where abortion is not completed and the woman is pregnant after the abortion process, it is advised not to continue the pregnancy as this may result in serious malfunction in the fetus development.

How does the Pregnancy Termination Kit Function?

MTP Kit contains Mifepristone and Misoprostol these are medications known as abortion pills. The two medicines have given astonishing results when used in combination.

The Mifepristone has antiprogesterone properties. It blocks the progesterone receptors. As progesterone is an essential hormone for fetus growth, devoid of its supply the fetus gets disconnected from the uterus wall, thus aborting the pregnancy.

Misoprostol is to be administered after 24 hours of the primary medication. It causes strong contractions in the uterine wall. This loosens the thickened lining of the uterus. Misoprostol also smoothens and widens the cervix opening as a combined effect of this remnant tissues in the uterus are pushed out through vaginal bleeding. .

Thus both the pills work simultaneously and effectively for ending an undesired pregnancy.

Which Abortion Pill is best for Terminating an Unwanted Pregnancy?

Medical abortion with abortion pills is the most preferred and easy choice. So if a woman deals with undesired pregnancy then she can go for medical abortion. Note: The gestation period should be up to 8 weeks (56 days). In medication abortion, there are 2 different pills named Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both the pills are equally important for effectively ending a pregnancy. However, some people either take Mifeprex or Cytolog alone but as per experts, abortion pill alone can be 80-85% effective, and sometimes it can lead to incomplete abortion. Thus, many medical practitioners recommend MTP Kit as it includes both abortion pills and it is affordable. You can also Buy MTP Kit online from our e-pharmacy.

We also have other abortion pills so you can choose whichever you want. If you are planning to go for medical abortion make sure you get your pregnancy test done and see that you do not have any side effects from the ingredients present in the abortion pills. For more details, you can visit our site.

What To Expect From Medical Abortion With MTP Kit?

MTP Kit is a combination of Mifepristone and Misoprostol used for termination of pregnancy under 8-9 weeks. This medicine hinders the working of progesterone which is mandatory for maintaining and development of the pregnancy. Thus, by causing contractions in the uterus, it helps to get an successful abortion.

However, after taking the abortion pills you may expect some of the following complications such as nausea, cramping, abdominal pain, dizziness, abdominal cramping, uterine contractions, shivering and pelvic pain. If you observe any heavy bleeding or if any of such side effects trouble you then please consult your medical expert.

Most of the common side effects does not need any medical attention and vanish as your body starts adjusting with the medication. Inform your doctor if you are worried or if they worsen. Some common side effects of MTP Kit are heavy menstrual bleeding, stomach cramps, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, uterine contractions, etc.

Take the medications only after prescribed by the medical expert. If the abortion is left incomplete then it can result in severe complications such as surgery, hospitalization and possible infertility.

Vaginal bleeding for approx 12 days can occur after taking the abortion pills, inform your medical expert immediately if any severe bleeding occurs or if you experience severe abdominal pain.

Will you be Able to Conceive in the Coming Years?

This method of abortion does not have any ill effects on your reproductive health or fertility. You can get pregnant soon after the abortion process.

It takes 2-3 weeks for the body to heal and for you to feel better. Medical practitioners advise not to indulge in sexual activity for weeks after the abortion as there are chances of infection to happen. It is best to use protection if you are indulging in sexual intercourse or follow the guidelines given by your doctor.

Where to Buy Mtp Kit Online in the USA?

If you are planning to end your pregnancy without going for any surgery then it is the right choice to choose the MTP Kit as it has both medicines. We in the USA help women to choose the right option for ending their unwanted pregnancy easily by enabling them to make the best choice. We also have various services such as overnight shipping, express shipping, easy payment options, etc. so you can Buy MTP Kit Online with Credit Card, Debit card, and get the pills delivered at the door-step.

Customer Reviews

  1. Chelsie Cain
    I had a minor headache during the process and rest there were no symptoms except bleeding and crampings. You can easily Buy an MTP Kit and terminate your pregnancy.
    23 Sep, 2021
  2. Cathrine Minor
    MTP Kit is very affordable and does not have any severe side effects. You can definitely buy it if you choose to end your unwanted gestation easily.
    21 Sep, 2021
  3. Hagann Krisgiannaa
    Hi, I am 30 years old and already a mother of 2 children so I was not ready for 3rd child so I opted for medical abortion with MTP Kit and ended my pregnancy easily. I felt like I am on my menstruation.
    20 Sep, 2021
  4. Bria Hartley
    Thanks a lot for delivering me the MTP Kit, I was so worried about the delivery because of this lockdown but thankfully got it on time.
    18 Sep, 2021
  5. Juih Guidelli
    My friend suggested buying MTP Kit from this website. As she had a successful abortion with it before me and her experience with this website was good. So I ordered MTP Kit as I wanted to go for medical abortion and end my unwanted pregnancy. I got the delivery on time and I took the pills as said by the expert and had a successful abortion. Thank you so much.
    18 Sep, 2021


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